Sunday, October 6, 2013

Valuable Prepper Concepts I Learned From My Zombie-Obsessed Teenager - by Mark P.

Any parent of a teenager can attest that those highly coveted, deep and meaningful conversations between child and parent, the ones we wish occurred daily, are actually far and few between.  Try as we might, discussions surrounding topics like school, church, employment, and planning for the future, usually result in blank stares or moans and groans.

But a very wise woman (AKA my wife) once explained that when it comes to communicating with your kids, a good conversation on a ridiculous subject is better than no discussion on an important subject.   Sort of a “if you can’t beat them, join them” approach.  That is some solid advice for any parent and I have taken it to heart.  I have three children all under the age of 15, so the topics are pretty diverse.  Recently, I had a heated discussion with my 8-year old daughter about what kind of “My Little Pony” I would be and what secret pony power I would have (yes, they all seem to have cool powers).  And with my 11-year daughter I spent what seemed like hours deliberating which member of the boy-band “One-Direction” has the most talent.  This debate involved the two of us watching several music videos on YouTube.  I finally unplugged the wi-fi when she wasn’t looking.  Now if you quiz me next month, I guarantee I won’t be able to remember a single pony name or any song from Wrong Direction. 

Now with my 14-year old son, there is one topic that he is always willing to discuss: the Zombie Apocalypse.  Yes, I know that there is absolutely no chance that the “end of the world as we know it” will come about because the dead rise up and start eating brains.  The Zombie Apocalypse ranks on the bottom of the impossible list, right below a hostile space alien invasion and a robot uprising.  These are all great movie and television themes, but they are just not going to happen in the real world.  But my son is passionate about preparing for this gruesome future crisis and rarely misses a chance to point out things like “that house would be great for zombie defense because the windows are all high,” and “the best time of year to hunt zombies is the winter, because they are frozen”.  So I have spent many hours discussing weapons, survival tactics, safe shelter construction, medical supplies, etc.  Hmmm…starting to sound familiar?  Sure does!  At some point in these conversations I realized that my son probably has more knowledge and better survival skills that most of the weekend warrior preppers out there.
So how does preparing for the fictional Zombie Apocalypse jive with actual TEOTWAWKI prepping?  Well if you can get past topics like “how to assemble your own flamethrower” and “tips to transforming a water tower into a zombie-proof bungalow”, then you might just discover like I did, several useful gems of knowledge.  Having an open mind is absolutely required.  So if you are ready, here are four jewels that my zombie-obsessed teenage son taught me.

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