Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Strange Aerial Phenomena and Triangle UFOs

On March 13th, 1997 a huge triangle craft or V-shaped formation hovered above the metropolitan area of Phoenix, Arizona. The event, known by many as the "Lights Over Phoenix", shocked thousands and remains the largest mass UFO sighting in history. Recently, a similar triangle craft was seen in 2013 over Phoenix as well, offering an eerie reminder of the 1997 event - and setting a precedent for sightings of triangular UFOs recently seen worldwide.

Strange lights in the sky and bizarre triangle formations continue to reveal their presence - but these sightings possess ever more mysterious qualities. From orb like objects flying near airplanes to UFO lights creating intricate crop circle patterns - what is the purpose behind these unusual manifestations of aerial phenomena? The video includes close up footage of numerous airborne anomalies, including a pulsating "acorn shaped" structure high in the upper atmosphere and rapidly spinning UFO formations above New York City.

This nearly hour long presentation makes the case that "visitors", in their many shapes and sizes, are above communities virtually everywhere. Footage includes UFOs forming triangular formations near the Moon, a high speed object flying patterns over an outdoor concert, stunning night vision captures of aerial unknowns, and UFOs monitoring a rocket launch.

Is there a message or an underlying theme to these encounters? Or is the activity and its meaning simply beyond our capacity for understanding?