Monday, October 7, 2013

Million Vet March And Day 7 Government Shutdown Updates | MaKaElectric

Million Vet March Facebook Page

Obama Deploys Dogs Against Veterans

Lawmakers Defend Memorial With Bolt Cutters

Iwo Jima Memorial Closed Barricades Erected

Boehner Says We Are On The Path To Default

Obama Willing To Negotiate Health Care Law

Boehner Not To Pass Bill To Re-Open Gov

House Approves Back Pay For Furloughed

Feds Try To Close The Ocean Over Shutdown

Rangers Told To Make Life Difficult For People

Shutdown Forces Owners To Leave Lake Mead

Area 51 Flights Suspended Over Shutdown

FAA Safety Inspectors Among Those Furloughed

Border Patrol Agents Ordered To Stand Down

Military Priests Face Arrest For Celebrating Mass

NASA Worker Holds Shutdown Yard Sale

Carl's Jr Shut Down In Texas Over Obamacare

Obamacare Is A Crime In South Carolina

Obamacare Site To Be Closed For Repairs

Family Not Allowed To See Body Of Daughter

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