Wednesday, October 9, 2013


At least five families of U.S. military members killed during in Afghanistan over the weekend were given a double-whammy by federal officials: Not only have your loved ones died, but due to the government shutdown, you won't receive a death benefit.


Lawmakers Party During Shutdown

Eight Members Of Congress Arrested

VA Regional Office Closes Doors

Fish And Wildlife Suspend Operations

Mount Rushmore Blockage Stirs Anger

Gestapo Meets Yellowstone Senior Citizens

Tourists Trespass At Castillo De San Marcos

Amber Alert Down But Michelle's Site Is Up

Obama To Talk If They Raise Debt Ceiling

Anyone Against Debt Ceiling Is A Deadbeat

Obama The Most Dishonest President Ever

Homeland Security Preparing For Collapse

Conspiracy Theorists Really The Sane Ones

Wake Up Call (Full Movie)

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