Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Brain Slicer Arrowhead, NOW upsized for giant Zombies | Jörg Sprave


While re-watching Resident Evil Afterlife, the team here at The Slingshot Channel started to think about how to fight the Giant "Executioner" that appears in that movie.

The Zombies did not attack him, so he must be Undead, too.Of course we must prepare against every kind of Zombie while there still is time. We already have the right weapon - the bazooka slingshot.

What is needed was the right projectile. So we upsized the skull piercing arrowhead.

The two swinging blades reach a span of 33 cm (13") when opened. That should be enough for any kind of undead giant's brain.

This video shows how the fearsome, huge arrow goes cleanly through a half inch furniture grade piece of plywood!

It also makes a really good handheld spear. Weighing just under one kilogramm (a little over two pounds), it is quick but has enough heft.

A "The Slingshot Channel" production!