Monday, September 16, 2013

Adventure Motorcycling with Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber of #Crossfit

3, 2, 1 Go South with Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber * KLR650 - MotoGeo Review

One hundred days, 16 countries, 12,000 miles—by motorcycle.

In this first installment of Pat Sherwood and Ian Wittenber's trip from Santa Cruz, Calif., to Santiago, Chile, things go wrong before the adventure has even begun.

With 100 miles on his new bike, Sherwood is hit while riding on the highway near Santa Cruz. After a police report and visit to the doctor, though, he's good to go.

The duo begins its ride through the Americas by first going north to the CrossFit Affiliate Gathering held Aug. 15 to 18 in Big Sky, Mont.

At this point, Sherwood is looking forward to what lies ahead.

"A little sprinkling of risk makes it that adventure," he says. "I've got like a nervous excitement of the unknown. ... It's exciting in a very nervous way—it's badass."

Video by Ian Wittenber.