Friday, August 23, 2013

#TopTweetNews 23-Aug-2013

  1. Man arrested at JFK for carrying uranium inside his shoes and luggage

  2. . Bayou Corne Sinkhole "slough-in" 8/21/2013 .over a dozen large cypress trees disappear into sinkhole

  3. UK government leaks harmful info to newspaper then tries to blame it on Snowden. Snowden+Greenwald deny

  4. The Tor Project is going to extreme lengths to protect their software build process from targeted (gov) attacks.

  5. Nice, , but the Red Army Choir singing Sweet Home Alabama … that's nicer

  6. ▶ Russian song ("The battle is going on again") lyrics - YouTube

  7. not only did anonymous hack FBI because of their "dismantling" comments, they also hacked the Federal Reserve Bank

  8. <flails> RT : Hacker accuses US government of tricking Anonymous into attacking foreign targets

  9. a retired FBI agent said on CNN the govt could go back and listen to suspects' phone calls from BEFORE the bombing?!

  10. Here is the original story by LA weekly where neighbor describes Hastings begging to use her vehicle before hi dies

  11. Fyi, we plan to lie again to Congress later this month.

  12. To those of you who picked "Four white guys, all ex government" for the spying oversight panel fantasy league, please collect your winnings.

  13. CIA muted 9/11 trial to avoid talk of secret prison ring - Guantanamo lawyer

  14. Watermelon goat cheese salad with salt and olive oil at nougatine at jean Georges

  15. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World 1963_FLIGHT 2: via

  16. (Hastings) Rolling Stone journalist feared prior to crash his car was tampered with: Report

  17. Leaks ’s Homeland Security Intelligence Council Terror Attack “Scenario Proposal”

  18. FBI scared Americans fighting alongside Syrian rebels will become domestic threat

  19. Man, sometimes you just have to respect great guitar playing. Check out this guy . Really cool blues player. Nice job, Chris

  20. One-Way Mars Trip: Application Deadline for Martian Colony Nears

  21. Here's a better pic! MT : This bright sungrazing comet is close to total vaporization: