Sunday, August 4, 2013

Terror Threats

Sunday is the 27th day of Ramadan and a particularly holy day for the world's Muslims as it is the "Night of Power," when the first verses of the Koran were revealed to the Prophet Mohammed.

It is also seen by al Qaeda's would-be martyrs as a particularly auspicious day to die. source

 "I think we know a lot more about the when than the where. And you can tell that from the breadth of the closures across North Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. But the when was very specific in terms of a Sunday." -- Rep. Adam Schiff, a Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee  source



NSFW Language

0’04 - The Limey, Law Abiding Citizen, Cape Fear (1962)
0’33 - Fargo, Scarface, Back to the Future Part III, Tombstone
1’02 - Coogan’s Bluff, They Live, Laughing Policeman, The Dead Pool, Casino
1’33 - Full Metal Jacket, Major Payne, In the Loop, Good Morning Vietnam
2’05 - Midnight Run, The Departed, The Big Lebowski, The Blues Brothers
2’33 - Coming to America, Punch-Drunk Love, Goodfellas, Casino
3’03 - Carlito’s Way, Kill Bill, Sudden Impact
3’30 - Pulp Fiction, Way of the Gun, Scream, Trading Places, The Running Man, Full Metal Jacket
3’59 - A Few Good Men, Smokey and the Bandit, Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, Speed, Gangs of New York, Miller’s Crossing, Blue Velvet
4’31 - Wild at Heart, The Wizard of Oz, The Long Kiss Goodnight, The Shining
5’00 - Anchorman, The Man, Tank Girl, Diner, Mulan, The Goonies, In the Loop
5’31 - Team America: World Police, New Jack City, Training Day, Robocop, Animal House, Harvey, Talladega Nights
6’01 - The Warriors, Rocky IV, Matchstick Men, Way of the Gun, The Big Lebowski
6’38 - Stand By Me, Commando, The Shawshank Redemption, Welcome to Collinwood
6’57 - The Long Kiss Goodnight, Anchorman, Step Brothers
7’30 - Tommy Boy, Home Alone, Sexy Beast, Robocop, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, The Breakfast Club
8’00 - From Dusk Till Dawn, The Untouchables, Unforgiven, The Prophecy
8’32 - True Romance, Casino, Payback, Inglourious Basterds
9’01 - Ripley’s Game, Way of the Gun, Pulp Fiction
9’28 - Home Alone, Con Air, American History X, Man On Fire
10’05 - Taken, Patriot Games, Tropic Thunder
10’35 - There Will Be Blood, Dead Man’s Shoes, Robocop
10’57 - Rambo: First Blood, Predator, Hard to Kill


The Day After (1983) American Nuclear Holocaust [full movie]

"We got up, went to the windows and looked for the bombs." -- Dr. Russell Oakes
"Didn't happen." -- Mrs. Oakes