Saturday, August 17, 2013

Mittleider Garden Update August 16, 2013

This Mittleider garden update is longer than most but I hope you find a couple of gardening nuggets that will help you in your garden. I share what is working and a couple of things that didn't work. Please learn from my mistakes and save time, money and frustration. I update you on the African blue basil, malimar spinach, strawberry plants, planting sweet corn, tomato cloning, Mittleider gardening, cantaloupe, honey bees, bush beans, organic garden soil, agribon fabric, bird netting, soapy water insecticide, sweet potatoes, garden sun screen, indeterminate tomatoes, greenhouse clips, greenhouse retention system, spider mites, baler twine, greenhouse plastic, and garden a-frames.


- Farmer Seed Company:

- Mittleider Gardening:

- DIY Greenhouse Fabric & Film Fastener Video:

- Greenhouse Plastic $0.10/sq. ft.:

Making a homemade insecticidal soap spray for aphids, white flies, spider mites or other sucking insects in your vegetable garden, rose bushes or other plants is easy, quick and very inexpensive. I share a simple recipe that really works and I show how to apply it so it kills the insects.


- Earth Friendly, Liquid Dishwashing Cleaner:

- 1-Gallon Premium Lawn & Garden Sprayer:

I saved 50% on shade cloth! Cover your vegetable plants with shade cloth and save 50% on shade cloth at the same time. Keeping your plants between 70-90 degrees in summer is critical in order for them to continue to produce fruit. The best way I have found to do that here in hot Houston Texas is by using shade cloth. I share how I quickly setup my vegetable garden for sun screen and saved a bunch of money.


- Mittleider Gardening:

- 17 Gauge Galvanized Steel Wire:

- American Nettings, Amazon:

- American Nettings, Direct: