Thursday, August 1, 2013

Eat Like a Caveman: Smoked Salmon Omelet

Smoked Salmon Omelet

This omelet is genius because it's like bagels and lox, without the crazy grain/carb overload that is the bagel. Don't get me wrong, bagels are delicious. Duh. BUT if you're wanting all the deliciousness of smoked salmon, cream cheese and such sans gluten and paleo-friendly, then this is the omelet for you. And me!

Smoked Salmon Omelet (serves 1)

1 Tbs grass-fed butter (Kerrygold)
2 eggs (pasture-raised!)
1 Tbs heavy cream
1 cup spinach, finely chopped
Pinch of sea salt
3 oz. smoked salmon, flaked/chopped
1 oz. goat cheese (you could also use cream cheese)
2 Tbs fresh dill, chopped
2 Tbs red onion, thinly sliced
1 Tbs capers
Dash of black pepper

Heat butter in a skillet over medium heat. In a bowl, whisk together the eggs and cream. Add in the salt and chopped spinach. Whip to combine. Pour the egg mixture into the heated pan and swirl around to cover the bottom surface of the pan, creating an even layer. Cook 3-5 minutes until it begins to firm, but is still slightly runny. Be careful not to brown the eggs, as it changes the taste and texture. Flip the omelet over. (If it breaks, it doesn't matter! This is for you, and you aren't a perfectionist....are you?? You can try to fix the omelet if it breaks by swirling the still-runny parts of the egg around and fixing the tears. No biggie.)

Spread the cheese and salmon over the omelet and slide onto a plate--it should only need 30 seconds to a minute on that side to finish cooking the eggs. Sprinkle the dill, onions and capers on one half of the omelet and fold in half. Serve garnished with fresh dill and eat your heart out!

*If you hate fish or are allergic or are crazy, try substituting roasted red peppers for the salmon. Or use both! Go crazy!

Bon Appétit!

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