Saturday, August 24, 2013

"Combat Pasta" - Weaponizing Spaghetti! | Jörg Sprave

"Combat Pasta" - Weaponizing Spaghetti!

The Slingshot Channel has already posted several "Weaponized" episodes - we weaponized office supplies, duct tape, even trash. This time, the focus is on the popular food called "spaghetti".

This traditional Italian pasta type is not really known for it's lethality, at least not if we exclude obesity as a cause of death. Spaghetti are brittle when raw and very soft when cooked. These aren't ideal attributes for potential weapons.

But if put in a nice tight bundle and wrapped with tape, pasta CAN be deadly - this video shows how.

Then, cooked spaghetti are tested. Strong bolts were made by freezing the soft noodles in place. See hoe cooked pasta can fly clean through a big block of ballistic gelatin!

A "The Slingshot Channel" production.