Wednesday, August 14, 2013

BREAKING: Egyptian Rebels Kill All Police Officers in Kerdasa 14/08/2013 [WARNING: 18+ ONLY - EXTREMELY GRAPHIC IMAGES]

"Brotherhood" kill Kerdasa warden and his deputy, two officers and 7 policemen. 


[translated by Google]

 الثوار المصريين يقتلون جميع ضباط قسم شرطة كرداسة 2013/8/14

Egyptians rebels kill all Police officers Kerdasa 14/08/2013

 (حرق المعتصمين وتفحم الجثث فى ميدان النهضة من قوات الجيش والشرطه (+18) 

(18+) Burning protesters and roasted bodies in the field of Renaissance military and police forces 

جوازات سفر شيعية لآل الأسد بحوزة لواء الإسلام بعد تحرير معمل السيراميك

Passports Shiite Ahl al-Assad held the banner of Islam after the liberation of ceramic Laboratory

[Notice the Iraqi and U.S. money.]

 لحظة قنص أحد المعتصمين في رابعة العدوية على الهواء مباشرة 2013/8/14

A sniper moment protesters in the fourth Adaweya on live 14/08/2013

[Watch the man in the hat, carrying the yellow bag. Did he just shoot that man?]


Hundreds Dead in Egypt Crackdown

Security Forces' Efforts to Clear Cairo Sit-Ins Sparks Violence; At Least 278 People Killed Across Egypt


Pictures From A Warzone (In Denial)

With the US denouncing actions left, right, and center, it is tough to know what they stand for (or against) as the coup-less coup appears to have turned into a bloody civil war. Casualty reports vary; from 278 people dead (health ministry) to 2,000 dead (Muslim Brotherhood) including 43 policemen and from 2,001 injured (health ministry) to 10,000 (Muslim Brotherhood). As the dreadful images below suggest, the Egyptian people have grown divided beyond the point of no return, and despite the jingoist platitudes and rhetoric of John Kerry describing the "deplorable" situation on the ground, the reality of a civil war now seem inevitable. So with the US still stuck in denial (and for the CIA - phonetically so), pro-Mursi protesters clash with police, military, and one another as all hell breaks loose.