Thursday, July 25, 2013

The NSA's Asculum

The NSA just won their Congressional battle of Asculum. The House of Representatives voted down a proposal to strip them of their power to collect domestic data on American citizens without a warrant. The NSA won this clash of philosophies. The vote was 205 in favor of stripping them of their power, and 217 opposed.

A month ago the vote would have been 100 in favor and 323 opposed. A lot sure has happened in the last 30 days.

Like the Romans of 279 B.C. who learned to deal with the seemingly invincible War Elephants, bipartisan supporters of civil liberty have learned to deal with the "ZOMG why do you want to help terrorists attack us" argument. And so the NSA's defenders found themselves cut to pieces, even if they are left standing on the field of "victory".

As Pyrrhus could have told them, enjoy it while it's there. They won't see it again.

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