Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hump Day Humor: China’s Flying Propaganda Weapon Will Blow Your Mind
What’s the latest weapon in the Chinese military’s arsenal of high-tech killing machines? It might be an airplane capable of disseminating propaganda so powerful it induces nervous breakdowns, according to report in Tuesday’s Global Times, a state-owned newspaper close to the military.

“When carrying out a mission, the airplane will use its own ‘programs’ to forcefully overpower enemy television stations, radio stations and wireless communication networks, interfere with the enemy’s propaganda dissemination programs, affect the enemy’s military-civilian morale, and create rumors and confusion, thus causing the enemy, from government to everyday citizens, to have ‘nervous breakdowns’ and achieving their goal of rendering them helpless and unable to fight.”

In other words: One moment you’re sitting at home watching CNN, and the next you’re a basket case because your television is locked on a steady stream of Chinese Communist Party propaganda.

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There's a BIG, MASSIVE, PROTRUDING elephant in the room, right in the heart of Beijing. The newly erected [pun!] Communist Party mouthpiece People's Daily Headquarters has been catching everyone's eye. And on this episode of China Uncensored, Chris Chappell's eye has been caught by the giant, uh, building as well. And sitting right next to it is the CCTV Headquarters, which...looks like a giant crotch.