Friday, July 26, 2013

Barnaby Jack, respected hacker of ATMs and medical devices, found dead
Jack had been due to speak at the 2013 Black Hat cyber security conference in Las Vegas next Thursday, August 1st. He was allegedly going to present a method of wirelessly hacking a pacemaker, potentially using it to deliver a high voltage shock and kill a patient with one implanted. He previously described the plausibility of hacking and weaponizing pacemakers in February, and demonstrating the ability to wirelessly hack insulin pumps as well. In 2010, Jack performed a demonstration at Black Hat of his clever, inconspicuous method of using a pre-programmed card to bypass the security software on a common ATM model made by the company Tranax, causing it to dump cash on stage. The technique, known as "Jackspotting," made news headlines around the world.

Barnaby Jack was 36.

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In today's video, AMTV investigates the possibility that elite programmer Barnaby Jack was murdered by the NSA. Jack was expected to reveal breaking new technology this week at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas Nevada that would highlight a security breach in millions of pacemakers and insulin pumps worn by people around the world. We therefore ask the question, "Who had the most to gain by the elimination of Barnaby Jack?"