Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Perfect Homestead

Part of what makes a homestead perfect boils down to personal preferences and what you plan on doing with it.

The answers to questions like the following are unique to the individual:

Do I prefer hot weather, cold weather, or a moderate climate?

Do I plan to grow crops or a garden? If so, what kind?

Do I plan to raise livestock? Again, what kind?

Do I want a home that is already built or will I be building my own?

What kind of alternative power do I intend to use?

What is my fitness level? Am I able to climb up and down hills all day?

You have to understand yourself, your capabilities, and your limitations in order to properly make these decisions.

Some things are black and white, though.

Carefully investigate the following five criteria.
These are non-negotiable aspects of the perfect homestead.