Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Decide on a Homestead Location and Get There

Our America is changing and it isn't looking pretty. Constitutional rights are disappearing, school education is lagging, and the Almighty dollar is all but a joke. Illegal immigration, lawsuit-happy money grabbers, GMO mega corporations, half the country on some form of welfare...where does it end? For our family, it ends now.

Thanks to Obama care, one of the two hospitals in my company's organization closed their doors permanently last month (May, 2013). Now, our smaller rural hospital has been gobbled up in a corporate buyout. I was informed that I no longer had a job...over the phone on a Friday afternoon...while visiting Oklahoma for my Grandmother's funeral.

Thus begins our journey to relocate to the country and take care of our family ourselves. No more traffic, smog, insane crime rates, grocery store dependency, bottom of the barrel public schools...and the list goes on and on. As the Robertsons (from Duck Dynasty) would say: "WE GONE!" As we debated how we could attain our ultimate goal of becoming self-sufficient on our own homestead, there appeared to be four clearly distinct barriers we had to overcome.

First, what would be our final homestead location?

Second, how would we sustain ourselves when we arrived at our new home?

Third, how would we physically get our family and our assets to the homestead location?

Fourth, what type of home would be the best homestead building?