Wednesday, June 12, 2013


By Clif High,

With respect.... we need to note that the 'global coastal event' is on-going.

While the future forecasting ability of Remote Viewing has been put to rest by the Far Sight 2012 Climate Study failure (other than Dick Algire's ability being demonstrated), it is quite clear that our HPH work forecasting a global coastal event has been very prescient indeed.

i forecast a large earthquake to occur along with bridge collapses (even here in WA state) that would lead to the use of the word 'isolation'....these occurred, albeit NOT as forecast by the RV work. We had forecast the beginning of the 'global coastal event' to start prior to June and to be concurrent with a 'data gap'. Both of these also are manifesting. As have hundreds (yes, actually several hundred) of our 'smaller' forecasts.

Our linguistic approach has proven, yet again, to be able to presciently predict future events, especially weather/climate related. We have global reports of massive, record breaking floods, as well as coastal shorelines being 'eroded' due to rising waters. We can also note the impact of rising waters on our local shoreline here in Puget Sound.

It appears that the 'global coastal event' as forecast here at Halfpasthuman since 2003 is going to be a multiple decade long process as the planet expands, and then 'settles back into its skin'. This may be better than taking our planetary change all at once.

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