Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gardening enrichment from your kitchen and bathroom

In your kitchen, you have great things that you might be tossing into the garbage can, things that could be adding nutrition to your soil, things like coffee grounds, used tea, egg shells, potato and banana peels, food scraps, there are some who say to compost meat, others say not to, it does take longer to compost and it could attract vermin… the list can go on and on.


Really want to get hard core here? You can go with the Humanure method of composting human waste, as long as it's properly composted, that is perfectly safe to apply to your garden. At the very least, urine is high in nitrogen, is perfectly sanitary and your plants will love it, you don't need to compost urine but you will need to dilute it, a 10% solution in water will make for some happy plants. Just don't tell your mother in law what you used to fertilize the green beans you are eating for lunch, not unless she is really into organic gardening big time… :)