Sunday, June 23, 2013

Edward Snowden Leaves Hong Kong; Works With WikiLeaks; Patriot 2.0

So having been given the blessing of HK (and thus China) to defy the US, Snowden is now en route to Moscow (see flight tracker below), from where he is said he may continue further to Iceland, although according to a conflicting report from Russia's Interfax his ultimate destination is Havana, Cuba, while some note that he may be headed to Caracas Venezuela instead. Of course, he may just remain in Moscow: it's not as if Putin will comply with any American extradition order.


Wikileaks Reveals It Is Working With Snowden, Issues Statement

From Wikileaks: "Mr Snowden requested that WikiLeaks use its legal expertise and experience to secure his safety. Once Mr Snowden arrives at his final destination his request will be formally processed."

Former Spanish Judge Mr Baltasar Garzon, legal director of Wikileaks and lawyer for Julian Assange has made the following statement: "The WikiLeaks legal team and I are interested in preserving Mr Snowden's rights and protecting him as a person. What is being done to Mr Snowden and to Mr Julian Assange -for making or facilitating disclosures in the public interest -is an assault against the people."


FoR ED SNoWDeN (Snowden In The Air)

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