Monday, June 10, 2013

Drag Queen - Elizabeth I a Male Imposter?

Austin Powers: "Well, you have to admit, she looks rather mannish."


The ten-year-old Elizabeth I was Tudor England's most valuable child in many ways.

She could surely be married to a French or Spanish prince to seal an international alliance —and her own children would secure the Tudor dynasty Henry VIII so desperately craved.

Now she was dead, and when the king discovered it, Parry and Lady Ashley would surely be executed.

Their sole duty had been to keep the princess safe: failure was treason.

The penalty would not even be beheading, but death by the most gruesome torture imaginable...


Lady Ashley's first thought was to find a village girl and dress her up in the princess's robe, with a mantle, to fool the king.

Bisley was a tiny hamlet, however, and there were no female children of Elizabeth's age.

But there was a boy, from a local family called Neville...


Austin Powers: "That's not [the queen]. It's a man, baby!"