Sunday, June 23, 2013

Car Hacking - The Latest in Assassinations - Whistleblowers, Reporters Beware

From listening to your conversations through your vehicle's OnStar™ system while you drive down the road, to controlling your door locks, steering wheel, breaks, accelerator, capable hackers can remotely hijack your vehicle.

In the case of every major manufacturer, if they do not have this capacity in their mainstream products, they're about to.

General Motors' OnStar system
Toyota's Safety Connect
Lexus's Enform
Ford's Sync
BMW's Assist
Mercedes Benz's Mbrace

All use a cellular connection embedded in the vehicle.

All can be hacked by Skynet (TPTB,) for complete control of your vehicle.

[Sorry you cashed in that Clunker?]


RIP Investigative Reporter Michael Hastings

Evidence Indicates Michael Hastings Was Assassinated

The revelation that Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hastings was working on a story about the CIA before his death and had contacted a Wikileaks lawyer about being under investigation by the FBI hours before his car exploded into flames has bolstered increasingly valid claims that the 33-year-old was assassinated.

Raw Video of Hastings' Car Crash

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