Monday, June 3, 2013

BBQ, Music and Guns: Peaceful Open Carry Rally in Central Texas Sends Message to America

The arrest of Army Master Sergeant CJ Grisham and his son triggered Second Amendment supporters to rally Saturday in Temple, TX .

Mr. Grisham was walking down the street with a loaded "assault style rifle" when someone called the police out of concern after observing the weapon.

[It is legal to openly carry in Texas.]

The following video, taken by Grisham's son shows the incident as it unfolded: [video]

In response to the incident, several hundred people gathered in downtown Temple, TX this weekend to show their support in a community event that could be described as a 'family friendly gathering' which included a band and food vendors.

Participants marched from the event site to the Temple Police department.

Demonstrators gathered to show their support for Grisham, and also to stress that if a gun is taken, and they had it lawfully, they have the right to get it back.

"Specifically, this rally is for open carry and long arms and I support that," said Brent, who chose not to provide his last name.

"I fear that if we go too long without reminding the public we have that right, than the law will be lost, and our right will be lost."

Brent brought two of his kids to the event to teach them about the experience of a rally and how to express your freedoms.

"I want to spend time with them and have them always remember that I went with dad to a rally where we are supporting our rights," said Brent.