Thursday, June 6, 2013

Barack Obama Never Attended Columbia University Says "His" Graduating Class

by Wayne Allyn Root

I just returned from New York, where I attended my 30 Columbia University reunion.

I celebrated with my esteemed classmates.

Everyone except Barack Obama.

As usual-he wasn't there.

Not even a video greeting.

Not a personalized letter to his classmates. Nothing.

But worse, no one at our 30th reunion ever met him.

The President of the United States is the ghost of Columbia University.


So I asked every classmate I met at our 30 reunion, many of them Political Science majors, if they ever met, or saw, or heard of Obama.

The answer was a resounding NO from every one of them.

I asked if they found this strange, or worried how this was possible?

They all answered YES.

I asked if they thought it was possible to be a Political Science major and never meet a fellow major in our small classes?

They all gave me a very strange look and answered NO.

So I asked, "How could this be possible? Can you explain this?"

No one had an answer.


So here's my take on this great mystery.

I've never said Obama was not registered at Columbia.

I'm sure he was.

I've never said he didn't graduate.

If Columbia says he did, then I'm sure he did.

But I've always said there is something wrong with the story.

It's rancid. It's unbelievable. It's impossible.

It's the story of a Manchurian candidate.