Monday, June 3, 2013

Alien Conspiracy - UFOs, Disasters, and Ubiquity

Scary UFO sightings have recently been filmed near many natural disasters.

With efforts by the citizenry -including citizen hearings on ET disclosure and hackers uncovering secret evidence of alien life in NASA and military computer networks -the evidence for an ongoing and clandestine alien conspiracy is mounting.

Footage includes UFO sightings during the devestating Oaklahoma tornado, Arizona dust storms, and Hurricane Sandy.

Footage also includes a UFO appearing on a live news broadcast, recent strange sky glow phenomena, as well as UFOs captured on military nightvision cameras.

With the appearance of UFOs near recent catastrophic events -is it possible the alien conspiracy and disasters are somehow connected to a common goal?

Or at the very least, does recent evidence indicate a nearly ubiqutious presence among us?