Saturday, June 1, 2013

88% chance of Atlantic Tsunami Event Through 5-Jun-2013 - Update from Climate Risk Scientist Doctor Simon Atkins

Doctor Simon Atkins has sent along this update:

"Within the same risk window through June 5, 2013, I am raising the threat of a North Atlantic tsunami to 88% (eighty-eight percent) due to the following reasons under our Electromagnetic Planetary Advisement Threats [EPATS] :

1) An interplanetary and expanding shock wave has hit Earth's magnetic field late May 31st. This is likely the first of a few in the next 72 hours, each probably coming with higher cumulative force since the amount of solar energy entering the Earth will be much more than the energy able to leave Earth, thereby necessitating a much greater risk for a large 'release' in the general form of a large earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, or even all three.

2) Earthquake activity in the North Atlantic has become unusually high, increasing in strength and even 'coordinated' within our North Atlantic Tectonic Risk Triangle (St. Louis MO USA to eastern Iceland to the Canary Islands). The latest 5.0 in Saint George, Bermuda, and then a 4.9 -5.0 just east of Bermuda in the evening of 5/31/13 along the same "energy meridian" latitude at the same depth (no coincidence) is very concerning, especially after the unusual 4 in Wales, then a 4.7 south of Iceland and a 5.2 earlier this week near the Prince Edward Islands. The predicted 'signs' are materializing. Incidentally, also look at the RADAR at St. Louis MO (see attached map) and note the extreme flood / severe weather risk caused by the western-most boundary of this Risk Triangle.

3) Electromagnetic 'pulsing' is increasing in frequency and magnitude in many areas of the world: this is when a) magnetic imbalances and extremely high clusters of negative ions cause extreme weather events like the very persistent severe storm and flooding situation in both the Central USA and in Central-East Europe (as well as additional extremes in other areas of the world); b) multiple volcanoes erupt at the same time in different parts of the world. This is why Mount Etna has been erupting abnormally.

4) As per previous predictions on this event, the magnetic energy from the sun catalyzes chaotic disturbances in financial markets, and societal behaviour (i.e., geopolitical events, unusual violence, etc.), and today --May 31, 2013 --was no exception: as the absolutely massive coronal hole expanded even further today, different 'arcs of light' left the sun and helped initiate a panic selloff, causing a Hindenburg Omen, the last one occurring in the autumn of 2007. IF there is a 7+ earthquake anywhere with the above-mentioned North Atlantic Tectonic Risk Triangle before June 5, 2013, we will issue a Tsunami High Alert which will mean that a tsunami will likely occur. At that point, there will only be a number of hours' warning."

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