Thursday, May 9, 2013

Note to Junior Time Monks: George Ure

[The future-predicting computer program] Nostracodeus is designed to look for short-term changes in language.

While Clif's approach looks at shifts over the whole web, our approach in Nostracodeus is a little different.

We are only looking at particular websites where people are posting on a wide range of topics and where (I think) bits about the future may, indeed, leak.

Clif's approach is massive: His reports over at go into far more detail than Nostracodeus.

On the other hand, Nostracodeus is almost totally configurable: You can look at any number of websites you want – instead of the whole web.

This is the approach I'm using in order to figure the odds of the Big West Coast Earthquake later this month: Clif's got his GCE / Global Coastal Event references, the Remote Viewers have their confirmation studies, and the close-in data from Nostracodeus runs should be along shortly.


Word Watch: Asteroid / Meteor



Report from 5-6 AM EST facing south over the Gulf of Mexico:

2 planes,

2 satellites,

4 UFOs exhibiting inter-dimensional hyper drive systems,

3 NEOs (asteroid / meteor) each traveling from east to west (one was so low, I saw it's smoke trail.) - c