Monday, May 13, 2013

More Thoughts on the Global Coastal Event & the Solar Kill Shot: George Ure

NO GCE Worries

A reader out in Aridzona may be global coastal event and something else is going on: memeering...

"Greetings from Sedona! I have never written about dreams before but this one seems especially relevant.... this dream I am somewhere and nowhere in particular..and a beam of information downloads into m crown chakra...message in essence being that there will no global coastal events or meteor impact catastrophes o the scale predicted...AND that the 'populist seers' have been deliberately deceived for the express purpose of totally discrediting all of them... as 'those who cry wolf'...and this has been orchestrated by some non-human control agenda machine...for unknown reasons..."

Makes sense to me...yup...seed the news and language and web discussion groups just right and presto! Self-liminating problem.

Which is why I continue to be a bad-ass prepper but at the same time I'm still making plans to attend my convention come the end of June up in Hartford...

My point?

Life's a LOT like golf. Sometimes it lands in the rough, sometimes on the fairway. Either way, you just line up and take the next shot...


Grady (chief s/w guru for our software project) spotting the word "circuit" popping up out of the blue in his runs against news sites over the weekend.


Something to Worry About

Now that we have had our fun for this morning, here's something to worry about:

This weekend there was an emergency space walk at the International Space Station to find ammonia leaks.

And, with a cover of the David Bowie song, (ground control to Major Tom) we notice commander Chris Hadfield (from Canada) will be coming down tonight in a Russian spacecraft.

I assume you have followed enough of the Remote Viewing buzz to know that the "solar kill shot" is due shortly after an "emergency return of crew" from the ISS?

Well, here's what has me worrying a hole in my worry stone:

The departure of Hadfield is getting a lot of press, there's lots of fill on the space station emergency language.

The sun is due to roll around a source which just popped off an x-class flare, and we get our Big Quake linguistically between now and May 26th, or possibly as late and June 1.

So the worry is:

Has the spacewalk and the Hadfield coverage met temporal "fill" linguistically to put all the pieces in place for the Kill Shot from the sun?

And if not, what the hell did the word "circuit" have to go showing up in one of Grady's Nostracodeus runs this weekend, for?

If you want to expand your thinking a bit, this might be a good week to go read up on the March 1989 geomagnetic storm which might be worth knowing about…just in case, mind you.

-- George Ure, Urban Survival