Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Make Your Brain Awesome: Be Bilingual

Using magnetic resonance imaging, neuroscientists at University College London discovered bilingual test subjects "had increased density of the cerebral cortex in the lower part of the parietal lobe."

Your cognitive skills (thought processing, awareness, attention) are governed by this (to the extent of our knowledge about the brain.)

Senior citizens learn foreign languages to strengthen a part of their brain to fight dementia: nature's Neuralyzer (that memory erasing device from Men In Black.)


Concrete Jungle said...

I've studied a number of languages, most so far in the past that I couldn't find the bathroom today, but I've been trying out some of the new online tools. I installed Duolingo on my Adnroid yesterday, and am using it again this morning at the office online. So far I like it except for the part where it requires you to type in the German phrases - I'm not a big believer in learning the details of any language up front, so much as just learning how to speak conversationally (i.e. I don't really care that Madchen is always capitalized or that the "a" is supposed to have two little dots above it). Its unlikely I'll ever write anything down in another language in common use.

I've also tried Memrise (which I like a lot) online for French, various "US Army CIO/G-6" android apps for Farsi (great if you need to disarm someone, but less useful in non-hostile occurrences). I've also tried, but didn't like, Busuu and Babbel as Android apps. Pimsleur is the best set of CDs/Tapes I've used and I've used them for Czech, Norwegian, and Eastern Arabic. I can still find the bathroom in Norwegian, but the other two I learned on cassette... a long time ago.