Friday, May 17, 2013

Idiocracy: Researchers suggest Victorian-era people more intelligent modern-day counterparts

IQ tests themselves have come under scrutiny of late because they quite often reflect bias, such as education levels, societal norms, and other not-easily defined factors.

Other research has shown that overall health, nutrition levels and degree of fatigue can impact IQ scores as well.

For this reason, the [research] team has turned to RT [reaction time to visual stimuli - the faster the reaction time, the smarter the person] as a means of evaluating what they call general intelligence, which they claim to be a measure of elementary cognition.

The researchers didn't come up with the idea of RT as a measure of intelligence themselves; rather, they are relying on claims made by other researchers over the years that they say prove that RT is a way of measuring the "true" intelligence of a person, i.e. an intelligence measure not impacted by education level, illness, background, etc.

Using such claims as a basis, the team looked at RT tests given by various researchers during the period 1884 to 2004, and found that RT rates slowly increased over the entire time period.

For men, the increase was found to be 183ms to 253ms; for women the increase was from 188ms to 261ms.

The researchers claim this proves that people have grown "less clever" over time.

They back up their claim by suggesting they know the reason for the decline in intelligence — smarter people having fewer children, while the less smart, have more.



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