Tuesday, May 7, 2013

How Will We Deal with Five Epidemics at TEOTWAWKI?

The five epidemics:

Type 2 diabetes
End-stage renal disease (kidney failure)


All these chronic conditions are lifestyle-related and are not due to genetics or to aging.

They were either rare or nonexistent barely a century ago and not because people are living longer and have more time to acquire these diseases.

Centenarians in places as diverse as Okinawa and Sardinia are slender and fit and can name their great-grandchildren.

They have almost no heart disease and type 2 diabetes is virtually non-existent.

Elderly hunter-gatherers don't develop these diseases either – until they become civilized.


No one is too old to exercise and eating sensibly (quantity and quality) is not rocket science.

It's not too late to begin a healthy lifestyle.

It may be the key that will help you to survive in TEOTWAWKI.



Anonymous said...

GET RID of your dental "silver" mercury amalgam fillings (that's a mouthful ;))