Thursday, May 2, 2013

Free Vegas Trips, Cocaine And Hookers: A Peek At Real Banker Life

Think frontrunning clients, trading against recommendations, manipulating LIBOR, and slamming gold at the London fixing is all investment bankers do?


What really happens in banker life is far more exciting and enjoyable (at least for preferred banker clients) as the following story by the WSJ's David Enrich shows.


Concrete Jungle said...

While I consider myself a reformed banker, and now reside on the buyside, I have never been provided prostitutes or blow, and in fact most of the bankers that cover us (i.e. salespeople) are highly educated teetotalers. That being said, I have forwarded this story to all of them so hopefully they will step up their game next time they are taking us out to a business "dinner", because this sounds like way more fun.