Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Free Energy Is An Absolute Imperative For The Future Of The Earth And Humanity

The global ecological crisis demands radical changes in the way in which we use energy.

Traditional renewable approaches such as solar, wind and biomass are attractive but can be capital and materials intensive, diffuse and intermittent.

My own research and travel reveals an increasingly large number of experiments suggesting that we might be able to obtain clean and abundant energy from the vacuum or from low energy nuclear reactions (cold fusion.)

But these results fly in the face of conventional physics.

"The resistance to a new idea", Bertrand Russell said, "increases as the square of its importance."

Through the ages, perhaps no idea is more important or more maligned than that of perpetual motion or free energy.

Inventors rarely lead easy lives, but those dedicated to the quest for free energy have met with especially great resistance.

We look at the sagas of Nikola Tesia, T. Henry Moray, Bruce de Palma and Stefan Marinov as examples spanning this past century.


We can research and vet all the energy options we want and we can even try to do this job honestly, but none of this will matter unless we can effect political action at many levels.

Were going to need to know the truth and find ways of acting on it constructively.

We must search for a public context to introduce solution energy for all.

In my opinion, the prospects of free energy depend entirely on the success of an altruistic democracy that is longing to be born.