Friday, May 31, 2013

EU, Japan, South Korea Shun US Wheat After Unauthorized GM Find on US Farm

The European Union is urging its 27 member states to test certain wheat shipments from the United States after unauthorized genetically modified grains were found on a U.S. farm, officials said Friday.

The move came after Japan halted imports Thursday of some types of wheat from the U.S. following the discovery of an experimental strain that was tested by Monsanto but was never approved.


Monsanto is a ticking time bomb for U.S. agriculture

As the USDA has now admitted, Monsanto's GMO experiments from 1998 -2005 were held in open wheat fields.

The genetically engineered wheat escaped and found its way into commercial wheat fields in Oregon (and possibly 15 other states), causing self-replicating genetic pollution that now taints the entire U.S. wheat industry.


Asia imports more than 40 million tonnes of wheat annually, almost a third of the global trade of 140-150 million tonnes.

The bulk of the region's supplies come from the United States, the world's biggest exporter, and Australia, the No. 2 supplier.


Quotable Quotes from Scientists and other Folks on the Dangers of Genetically Engineered Foods and Crops


And now, South Korea.