Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CIA to Drop Nuclear Scandal on Obama

Watch out for Petraeus in Benghazi scandal

Not surprisingly, every president in the past 60 years has had a major scandal in Term 2:

Dwight Eisenhower had the U-2 "incident";

Richard Nixon had Watergate;

Ronald Reagan had Iran-Contra;

Bill Clinton had Monica (literally);

George W. Bush had Katrina (and let's not forget those WMDs that never turned up);

and now, this president has Benghazi.

Make no mistake: Benghazi is a major scandal.
Benghazi is a scandal before, during and after the terrorist attack that left four Americas dead, including an ambassador.


With the White House putting all blame on the agency [CIA], expect push back this week — nuclear push back.

Gen. David H. Petraeus, the former director forced to resign after a sex scandal, is a dangerous man to the Obama administration.

Mad and intent on getting even, he's already talking, telling one reporter the talking points were "useless" and that he preferred not to use them at all.

The floodgates will open this week, and by the end of business Friday, the scandal will be full blown.


BOOM! WH Interview Confirmed – "CIA Source Says Another Shoe To Drop On Obama"

White House Insider:

"I already told you it's the CIA's turn next and it looks like that part is about to develop.

"Now here's the thing about CIA. Those boys don't play nice. You sh*t on them, they shove a size 12 so far up your ass you can tie the laces with your teeth.

"…Now I got at least three Dems ready to break from the pack here on Benghazi and and one other issue. "


Tweet by Joseph Curl [@josephcurl], editor of Drudge and author of Washington Post article above:

"FYI: CIA source says still one more shoe to drop. Dead ambassador, tapped phones, IRS probes. Will it be worse? Can it be!?"

[I can't wait for Friday. - c]