Saturday, May 11, 2013

BUGGING IN: Making Your Home Less of a Target Once The Lights Go Out

I am a proponent of "bugging in".

This is my best bet for sustainable survival.

After the great Society Ending Event (SEE) begins and after the lights go out my plans spring into action.

I won't implement my plans every time the power goes out!

Within the first three to four days, after enough time for reality and permanency to set in, then my implementation begins.

I then plan on making my house look abandoned and already looted to the potential looter walking by on the street.

We have all seen houses that have the look we are discussing.

This house is abandoned and has nothing of importance left inside, so why would anyone want to go in that place and waste their time looking for food?

I want them to think..."Someone has already beat me too this one, let's look at another house down the street".

This is the look I am trying to achieve.

Perception in everything.