Wednesday, May 29, 2013

B1 Best Tick and Mosquito Repellent

[Letter from a Survival Blog reader]

I live in Tennessee where mosquitoes, chiggers, and ticks thrive.

There are two wet weather ponds near my home and if I go to my shooting range in the evening or early morning, the mosquitoes will make any quality time really miserable.

While working in the gardens and fields, one has to be constantly checking themselves for ticks.

Last year about April I read a short paragraph in Countryside Magazine from a gentleman (I believe from Maine) that has taken a Vitamin B1 tablet starting in April and takes them every day until the first killing frost in the Fall for the past 43 years.

He never gets bitten by mosquitoes, chiggers, or ticks.

I decided there was nothing to lose by trying it.

It took a couple weeks for the B1 to get through my system but from that point on through Fall I never had one mosquito bite or tick bite.

I had mosquitoes land on me (briefly), ticks crawled on me while on the range, in the woods, or in the garden, but not one bite.

I put this information out to everyone on my email list.

One of those people is a very good friend that also happens to be a doctor (M.D.).

He emailed me back to inform me that the Vitamin B1 "trick" was one of the first things that was taught in medical school.

He and I can only offer conjecture as to why this information isn't put out en mass.

I buy cheap Vitamin B1 tablets at the local big box store.

I think the price is about $4.00 for one bottle that will last one person the entire Spring/Summer insect season.

Prior to this, I was spending at least 4 times this amount of chemical sprays that were marginal at best.

-- Carl in Tennessee