Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Farady Shields Up

If you have been following Clif's WuJo, then you may have heard him mention the window that comes along April 13-19, just sort of dropped the date-range in passing in one of his reports, which is unfortunately smack on the April 15th birthday of Kid Korea's dad, which is a national holiday and would be a dandy time to invade the South.

Proximate to "data gap."

Although I like to think that an attack on America using EMP devices is an incredibly small percentage-wise possibility, I nevertheless will be putting our home in the outback on 'Faraday-Ready" status Friday of this week due to Clif's data gap and recent events driven by North Korea.

I recognize that the odds of something happening which could impact the US are smaller than even single-digits.

Yet the potential payoff is huge, looking at things the other way.

After all, North Korea's recent mention of Austin, Texas is –to my ears –a clear warning that they have designs on the US power grid.

I don't trust 'em even a tiny bit.

What are they up to this morning?

Well, they are now warning foreigners in South Korea to seek shelter or consider evacuating because the Korean Peninsula is on the brink of nuclear war.