Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Hitt Effect

First noted by astroecon whiz Bob Hitt. The idea is simple: When the public is starting to whip itself up into a frenzy over the wrong thing [e.g. the market and the Depression unfolding] all that's needed is a properly sized emotionally impacting event to 'switch the panic off' by, as Hitt explained it back when "…diverting that emotional energy somewhere else…"

Take yesterday – the coincidence of it is undeniable: Market was down more than 200 and the decline speeding up. And worse – from a technical standpoint – the five-minute volume numbers which had been running 2-2.5 million shares (every five minutes), saw a 14-million share dump in the final five minutes. But what happened as the decline looked unstoppable and like it might break even further including perhaps global meltdown? The mysterious explosions in Boston: Three dead, no sign of a perp, but a lot of readers wondering "Why did Wolfer Blitzen ask about a Tea Party member… was this a false flag, or what was that about?"