Sunday, April 7, 2013

Surviving Survivalism - Live the Life! (100% Free e-Book)

Our friends Dan and Sheila at Surviving Survivalism have made their wildly popular book available for free as an electronic download to anyone who's interested in learning more about what it takes to really live the prepper and survivalist lifestyle.

Like many of us, they lived the suburban life, plugged directly into the system.

They eventually unplugged, relocated to rural America and became self sufficient.

They've built their own home with their bare hands.

They produce their own food.

They do not rely on the system as we know it to survive – at all.

And, they have always been happy to share their knowledge with those looking to get off the grid.

In addition to extensive information and suggestions covering topics that include developing your land, security, food production, alternative power and everything else you might need to know about living a self reliant lifestyle, Dan and Sheila take extra care to explain the reality of going off-grid.