Monday, April 29, 2013

Danish Farmer Reverses Illnesses in Pigs by Reverting to a GMO-Free Diet

A Danish farmer has gained huge public recognition for publishing his simple method for ridding his pigs of illness-removing genetically modified (GMO) ingredients from their diet.

The farmer, Ib Borup Perderson, describes how his pigs suffered from symptoms including chronic diarrhea, birth defects, reproductive problems, reduced appetite, bloating, stomach ulcers, weaker and smaller piglets, and reduced litter sizes.

After researching the health hazards of GMO foods and associated herbicides, Pederson decided to stop feeding his 450 sows with GMO soybean, replacing them with fishmeal and non-GMO soybean instead.

He began to notice health benefits after two days of a GMO-free diet.