Saturday, February 9, 2013

double chamber cob oven plans

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Subject: double chamber cob oven plans
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I convinced Ernie and Erica to drop the price on their double chamber cob oven plans from $35 to $20. "But that's almost half the price!" "Yeah, but I think you will sell more than double the copies - so you will end up dollars ahead."

So they are trusting me.

DON'T LET ME DOWN! (in other words, please make me look smart and stuff with ernie and erica)

You can see the video I made with them and their double chamber cob oven, which generated all the demand for the plans, which led to the plans existing .... And then the link for the actual buying and stuff ...

In related news, there has been so much discussion about cob ovens, rocket stoves, rocket mass heaters and all sorts of related stuff, that we finally divided the "wood burning stoves" forum into two forums:

Ernie and Erica are the moderators for both.

(and, yes, at the uber RMH workshop a coupla months ago I did take tons of video. And editing is under way. And it looks like there will be four DVDs. And we will have a kickstarter in the next five days or so. When I have news, I will announce it here.)

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