Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Odds 'n Sods: Gun Control Executive Orders Cometh

Here it comes...

Biden: White House readies 19 executive actions on guns

Obviously the series of meetings that Biden recently held were nothing but a charade. [We knew that. Why else put Biden in charge of anything except for distraction?]

These Executive Orders must have been written months ago and waiting on the shelf for an opportune moment.

If the Executive Branch moves are indeed drastic, I predict that we can expect to see:

1.) some robust assertion of State sovereignty in many western and southern states (akin to the recent legislative from Wyoming and Texas),

2.) calls for impeachment, and

3.) calls for immediate intervention by the Supreme Court. (The 2000 Presidential election showed ho quickly the Supreme Court can act.)

And if there are overt moves toward secession, the court would have to move quickly to nullify any unconstitutional Executive and thus prevent a national schism.