Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Symbols of an Alien Sky (Episode 1)

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David Talbott's video documentary 'Symbols of an Alien Sky' goes far beyond merely identifying "the celestial provocation" of our true history. Symbols resurrects and confirms the genius of Immanuel Velikovsky. With excruciating attention to detail Talbott rivals the intellectual obsession and integrity of the thousands of ancient chroniclers that are "urging us to remember."

The credibility of Symbols is uniquely formidable as it firmly connects the library of the Stone Age to the Modern Age cosmology of leading edge plasma physicists Anthony Peratt, Wal Thornhill and others.

With erudition Symbols defines an overdue and not-so-subtle challenge to modern institutional assumptions, promoted and guarded by the gamut from religion to politics to academia and beyond.

As such Talbott's most fundamental accomplishment in 'Symbols of an Alien Sky' is the reconnecting of global humanity to itself; to its true history, and what that reconnection implies for our future peace and well-being.

This video documentary will clear the confusion in your mind of:

The great Greek and Roman myths, and why these gods were of Mythic proportions. Why the Hindu gods have fan like multi headed snake behind their heads. The origin of most occult symbollisms. Why the Egyptians built the pyramdis. The wheel and spiral petroglyphs. Who are what the DRAGON really is.

Much more...

Symbols of an Alien Sky (FULL MOVIE)

"...All the stories, characters and adventures narrated by mythology concentrate on the active powers among the stars, who are the planets." -- Giorlgio de Santillana,
Hertha von Dechend,
Hamlet's Mill