Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cops, detectives, FBI agents, U.S. soldiers say they will not enforce gun confiscation orders

In the wake of the recent Sandy Hook shooting, I reached out to my contacts in law enforcement, military and (retired) FBI over the last three days, asking three simple questions:

#1) Do you think Obama will use executive orders to demand nationwide gun confiscation?

#2) If such an order is given, will you or fellow members of your organization enforce it against the citizens? (And if so, how?)

#3) What is the solution to stopping future mass shootings?

I posed these questions to one ex-FBI agent, one retired Sheriff's deputy, two active duty city police detectives, one retired former police captain of a major U.S. city, two U.S. Army veterans and one USMC veteran, discharged several years ago after two tours in Afghanistan during which he sustained a severe personal injury. For obvious reasons, none of them wish to be identified by name, but their answers below speak to their credibility and authenticity.

Here are their answers:



vectorup said...

All of you Officers who choose to Disobey Orders to take Guns, I Salute You, and offer this, If I see you standing with Civilians to protect them from the Government, You will have me there with you to be your Backup.