Wednesday, December 12, 2012

75% of Americans Believe They'd Die Within 2 Months Without Electricity

Images of Rwanda 

21 percent [of Americans polled] said they would survive without services provided by electronic power less than a week and another 28 percent believed they could last less than two weeks.Three in four Americans say they would be dead in two months.


I have personally lived without electricity for years at a time. Read some of my older posts tagged survival. - c


Iconoclast said...

Well, Christian, pardon me if this example of your literacy (^^^) fails to inspire an immediate tingle up my leg .... M'Lady Covertress writes better in her sleep with her toes ....

This percentage reflects the urbanization of much of the world. Various forms of energy are all which stands between civilization and vast numbers of two-legged predators and their prey. I think the polling data may be skewed by a sample population weighted toward metropolitan areas. Those who live where there is arable land and access to native flora & fauna will do much better. Plus more than 25% of American homes hold firearms ... concentrated in those areas where the resources cited above exist. I'd really miss certain elements of an electrified existence (medical care above all else), but potable water, food, heat & & shelter? Not as easy as calling for take-out, but not overwhelming, either.