Thursday, November 22, 2012

This year I'm grateful for...

This year I'm grateful for...


A home

3 cats

6 chickens



Spaghetti leftovers


covertress said...

On a day when many will gorge excessively, some will starve still. Giving thanks for the simplest of staples is hard for many (and getting harder).

As a result of the drought this summer the Federal government ended up buying less food than normal, and because this excess food is used to provide assistance to the poor in many cases, there simply may not be enough to go around.

This sets up a potentially tragic situation as we head into 2013, and is likely to bring heightened social unrest to our shores.

covertress said...

An unexpected FRIEND stopped by with a traditional thanksgiving "plate" of food (which could have fed eight people.)

Add two more items to today's gratitude list. ;D