Thursday, November 29, 2012

Nuclear Christmas? ('Tis the Season to be Paranoid)

ALERT - Nuclear Christmas ?!?

There are strong confirmations that one or more nuclear weapons, known to have been stolen but kept from the public to "prevent panic," may well be deployed in American cities by extremist elements with probable ties to a foreign intelligence agency.

This scenario was the basis of the television show "Jericho" several years ago. However, this time there are real culprits and real motivations, both the overthrow of the government of the United States and the naming of Iran as a "scapegoat."

The plot has been tracked to groups within the Pentagon, several government agencies and wealthy and powerful extremist backers of Netanyahu and, in particular, the "Gulf Cartel" operating from Mexico that has penetrated nearly all levels of government, law enforcement and the military across the country.


Operation Blackjack - The story of a series of false flag nuclear attacks on major western cities and the aftermath.

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My Notes -

Operation Blackjack / Jericho (Notes Part 1)

Operation Blackjack / Jericho (Notes Part 2)

Operation Blackjack / Jericho (Notes Part 3)

Operation Blackjack / Jericho (Notes Part 4)

Operation Blackjack / Jericho (Notes Part 5)

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The movie is the message?

When the EAS is portrayed in television or movies, it is often wildly inaccurate and unrealistic. One exception to this was in the now canceled television series Jericho. In episode 4, the EAS plays a prominent role, and is seen several times on television and computer screen. However, the viewing audience never hears any audio from it. This is my idea of what is may have sounded like. You may want to watch the episode first because the video has been created to be accurate with it

The video comes in three stages
Stage one: A message broadcast prior to the start of the episode.
Stage two: The audio that would be heard during most of the episode.
Stage three: What may have been broadcast at the end of the episode, also unseen by viewers.