Saturday, November 17, 2012

Community Defense Framework

IPB is a systematic, continuous process of analyzing the threat and environment in a specific geographic area. It is designed to support… military decision making. IPB is a continuous process which consists of four steps which you perform each time you conduct IPB: - Define the battlefield environment. - Describe the battlefield’s effects. - Evaluate the threat. - Determine threat Courses of Action (CoA).

Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield is extremely important for battlefield commanders so they can understand the the battlespace and operating environment.

The same can be said for you – and maybe you’re not defending your community (or maybe you will have to); but you might have to defend the immediate area around your home or your retreat location.

We’re going to go through each of these steps and I’m going to offer you some examples – some that I saw in Iraq and Afghanistan and others that I observe around the areas where I grew up and where I live now.