Friday, October 5, 2012

Space: the new cyber crime frontier

Since the space race began more than 6,500 satellites have been sent up.

Every day, miles above the Earth's atmosphere, an army of satellites provides us with a vital stream of information. From our mobile phones to satnavs, from shipping channels to television broadcasts, from the monitoring of our melting polar ice caps to the running of vital defence systems – our world would struggle to function without the satellites above us.

Cyber experts from across Britain gathered in London yesterday to ponder what would happen if we were forced to deal with a "day without space". The threats against our satellites are as varied as they are numerous.


Junking up the skies

6,500 The number of satellites that have been sent up since Sputnik.
400,000 The number of pieces of debris smaller than 10cm in orbit.
994 The number of operational satellites orbiting Earth.
3,000 The total number of satellites orbiting Earth (including those that are now defunct).
16,000 The number of pieces of debris larger than 10cm orbiting Earth in the area where most satellites are based.